The Amorphous Silicon (a-Si:H) Line Photovoltaic Cells

Hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) is the active material responsible for generating the voltage of the a-Si device. It is a semiconductor, as is crystalline silicon (from which conventional solar modules and computer chips are made) but the difference being that a-Si does not possess a regular crystal lattice. It is prepared as a thin-film, and is a remarkable material from which a variety of optoelectronic elements and devices can be made, including solar cells, field effect transistors, photoreceptors and image sensors. Because a-Si:H can be coated onto large substrates it has opened the door to large area electronics and photovoltaics.

Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technology
Sales of solar products are currently growing at over 25% annually. Sales of thin film solar products are growing at over 33% annually. Most analysts project that thin film solar markets will continue to grow faster than traditional silicon wafer markets. In order for the solar industry to supply the amount of solar product needed to meet market demand, exponential growth rates will become endemic for at least the next decade