Sun2Solar Energy, llc , a New Jersey, USA based corporation is the most recent company to manufacturer state of the art, thin-film photovoltaic modules. Sun2Solar Energy, llc is in the process of setting-up a manufacturing facility to produce thin-file photovoltaic modules with a starting capacity of 5MW in New Jersey followed by a 30MW facility in India by 2011.

We have focused on the development of thin film amorphous technologies and products due to inherent advantages of amorphous silicon over other solar absorbers. Amorphous silicon requires less incident light to begin working which means that an amorphous solar module can begin to produce power earlier in the day and later into the evening than other technologies. Amorphous silicon also exhibits less thermal coefficient effects when operating in hot climates. This means that the power conversion properties of an amorphous solar cell continue to exhibit near 100% potential while other thin film and conventional silicon wafer technologies degrade at significant rates approaching 20% conversion loss potential when operating at normal temperatures of 65 degrees centigrade